Car hire conditions

Contract Conditions / On-line Reservations

Internet rates are subject to change at any time. Reservations made at offer special prices and conditions that cannot be applied for reservations made by phone or in our offices.

Required documents:

Prices are calculated in Euros (€). It is mandatory to present the reservation confirmation number and payment must be made with a Credit or Debit Card (see general contract conditions).

The Lessee agrees to comply with all the regulations of the Traffic and Road Safety Code that apply in Spain.





1- Vehicle refuelling and petrol.

2- Any fines that could be incurred during the rental period and management fees of €35 hello! Rentacar will charge for each fine managed on behalf of the Lessee/Client/Driver.

3- NOT INCLUDED in the vehicle damage insurance (CDW), (TP) and (PAI):

3.1- Vehicle cleaning. In the event that the vehicle is returned with a dirt well above normal use, the lessee may be charged a minimum of € 150 up to what an expert deems necessary for cleaning purposes.

3.2- Damage to tyres and wheels, and damage to the underside of the vehicle, will be charged at the vendor´s price, which is usually an official manufacturer´s dealer of the affected vehicle.

3.3- The loss of vehicle documentation or breakage of vehicle keys, remote controls, or parking card (if it was provided to the customer). In any of these cases, your credit card would be charged € 25, for loss or damage to the parking card, (applies to those hello! Rentacar offices that operate within a car park) and € 150 in case of loss of vehicle documentation.

3.4- Damages due to use of the wrong fuel, damage to windows and external rear-view mirrors or recharging the battery.

3.5- Damage to vehicle upholstery and cargo areas in vans, damage to the clutch or gearbox, or any damage caused to the vehicle or to third parties.

3.6- In the case of damage or incidents due to driving in a state of alcohol intoxication, by consumption of narcotics, or under the influence of any other substance that alters normal driving of the vehicle, or by manifest negligence of the driver.

3.7- In the case of driving through places that are not suitable for public transport, such as forest tracks or beaches, and in general driving whilst not respecting the regulations of the Traffic and Road Safety Code that govern at all times in the Spanish state.

3.8- In case of theft, the Lessee is obliged to deliver the keys to the Lessor and present the corresponding Police Station report (within 48h), describing in the no-fault accident report (PAA) all details of said theft. Otherwise the Lessee will have to compensate the Lessor with the market value of the vehicle, at the average price stipulated in the Spanish market, for this purpose hello! Rentacar will use the maximum price PUBLISHED BY THE Gamvan at the time.  

3.9- All these exclusions are provided in detailed in the rental contract and in the Leasing Company´s General Contract Conditions, available on the Website.

3.10- Among these exclusions detailed, the breakdown towing lorry, with 24-hour assistance, may be charged to the Lessee on his credit / debit card.

3.11- All damages or losses relating to the vehicle that are excluded from insurance (CDW), will be assessed, either by external personnel (external expert), or by internal workshop personnel or hello Rentacar! reception staff, provided that the existing damage does not exceed the deductible amount. In any case, the Lessee may send his or her own external expert to make an assessment.

3.12- Extras are not included in the price. The price of the such extras is indicated on the Web at the time of booking.

3.13- It is possible to take out ALL RISKS 100 per cent  WITHOUT DEDUCTIBLE insurance, which covers damages to the vehicle, and you will find this option among the extras that can be purchased on the web. Said insurance does not cover negligence and exceptions that are detailed in the previous points. It is only for damage to the vehicle in case of accident with a third party.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

Evidently these data provided must belong to the Lessee or the Driver (indicated in required documents). Otherwise, the RESERVATION CONFIRMATION will not be valid, the Leasing Company will not be liable for it, and the Lessee will not be entitled to any claim, due to not fulfilling the necessary documentation requirements previously required, as indicated in the General Conditions of the Online Contract.



In the event of an accident, the Lessee is required to complete the No-Fault Accident Report (PAA) within 48 hours, and send it to the Lessor. In the PAA, the driver must provide in detail all the information of the facts. If its completion does not conform to the reality of said accident, the claim could be rejected by the insurance company. In that case, the Lessee would be responsible for all damages caused to both the vehicle and third parties. As a general rule, all the general contract conditions are on the Web. See General Contract Conditions.


  1. The first email will provide a confirmation of the reception of your data. Current DNI or PASASPORTE, driver´s home address (street, number, door, floor, letter, city, post code and autonomous community or region), valid driver´s license in the Spanish territory, email and correct phone number, for verification purposes.    
  2. The second email, with the acceptance or refusal of the reservation.
  3. Receipt of the first email (reservation request) DOES NOT IMPLY ACCEPTANCE OF THE RESERVATION.  
  4. As soon as the client receives the reservation booking number, the reservation will be considered valid and secured, as long as he or she has complied with the AYMENT requirements.   
  5.  Vehicles shall be dropped off during office hours, which are from 08:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. There is a pick-up vehicle collection service outside of office hours, which can be contracted through the web. Asturias Airport schedules and reservation confirmations are available in the final section of the terms and conditions.  
  6. Vehicles can be dropped off or picked up outside office hours, provided that the Client-Lessee has contracted it (prices on the Web), and he or she maintains all responsibilities derived from the rental agreement until we receive the vehicle (at the office).
  7. You can pay online through , or can choose to pay at our offices, when you pick up the vehicle.
  8. Car hire is not necessarily linked to a specific vehicle (make-model, colour, equipment, etc.) but to a group of vehicles with similar technical characteristics and capacity.
  9. Upon delivery of the vehicle, THE CLIENT (lessee) IS REQUIRED to verify and SIGN THE RENTAL AGREEMENT, and is required to present a Credit or Debit Card in the name of the Driver-Lessee in order to make payment and be able to COLLECT the vehicle.
  10.  In the event that the payment is made with a Debit Card, you may be required to provide a deposit between € 900 to € 3,900, depending on the vehicle model, and we reserve the right to reject this means of payment, according to our office personnel´s criteria. PARAGRAPH TO CORRECT
  11. In the event that the Client-Lessee does not meet the profile that our reception staff requires, or does not comply with the general conditions for car hire, he or she may be denied rental.
  12. The lessee must always at all times carry the current, physical rental contract in the rented vehicle, if the lessee does not do this, he or she may be fined by the Spanish authorities, and the lessee must take full responsibility.
  13. Child car seats (ISO 9140 single chair, 9-18 Kg.) and child car seats (ISO 9200, 18-36 Kg.), ss well as snow chains, are offered free of charge in some rental groups and models in reservations made through However, they are listed as extras on the website (


NOTE: We inform you that drop-offs and pick-ups at the Asturias Airport have a surcharge, the amount of which is specified in the reservation and will range from € 19.00 to € 39.50 for the drop-off and the same amount for the pick-up, as long as these occur during office hours. The drop-off and pick-up outside these hours will have a different surcharge ranging from € 25 to € 50. However the current prices for these concepts are always updated at the time of booking, since they depend on the time of year when the vehicle is booked.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: hello! Rentacar does not offer service within the airport facilities. RESERVATIONS MUST BE CARRIED OUT AT LEAST TWO HOURS IN ADVANCE AND WITH CONFIRMATION BY HELLO! Rentacar BY EMAIL, otherwise reservations cannot be processed, even if the ONLINE PAYMENT has been made, AND hello! Rentacar WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DELAY IN VEHICLE DELIVERY.

In any case, everything that is not detailed in the online reservation agreement conditions, will always be regulated by the General Contract Conditions, which are available at

For any questions you may have, you can contact us by phone (+34 984 88 40 04) or by email (